Why use a travel agency instead of booking on the net?
A Summary of benefits of using a travel agency.
Customers get different benefits depending on the type of work they have and we would guess that some, if not all, apply to you.
  1. Speed of transaction. It is so much quicker to use a travel agent.
  2. Range of services available in one call.
  3. One stop shop.
  4. Charge Company account.
  5. Cost effective
  6. Uniform billing.
  7. Clarity of cost
  8. Clear and detailed invoice
  9. One itemised monthly statement for all travel
  10. Travel Knowledge.
  11. Client knowledge.
  12. Adherence to Travel policy.
  13. Queue Avoidance
  14. Frequent traveller details known.
  15. Greater range of fares/prices.
  16. Cheapest fares to First class fares.
  17. Use of creative fares.
  18. It can be difficult to see where a dot.com company trades from and they can be difficult to trace.
  19. A UK Company. - UK law applies.
  20. Financial protection
  21. Assistance with itineraries/timings
  22. Assistance with fares and comparative fares.
  23. Costly Error reduction.
  24. In the event of problems we are your advocate.
  25. A travel agent can help track staff in the event of a crisis.
  26. A travel agent can provide management information

For the busy office the time saved researching and booking through a travel agent will save 's of staff time. It also gives the Company more control over travel claims.

b) Why you should use an independent Business Travel Agent

The independents obtain their income from providing service; the majors obtain theirs through driving volume to win airline incentives
Independents have long-serving staff who can help clients plan ahead more effectively
The majors are no longer one-stop shops because they often shun hotel and rail bookings
The majors increasingly use impersonal call centres with poorly trained staff working to scripts. Independents have short chains of command and empowerment
Independents can and do work across borders. Data warehouses such as TRX mean there are no problems in consolidating MI
The majors are no longer offering credit to clients below a certain volume