Online Check-in

We recommend that all passengers check-in online whenever possible  You not only get a much better chance of the seat of your choice but it also reduces your time checking in at the airport and reduces the chance of being refused travel in the unlikely event that the flight is overbooked.

Online check is  usually possible 24 hours before departure, a little earlier with some airlines. Not all airlines have an on-line booking system and not all routes can be be checked in on-line, you just have to try and see.  Some systems are good and some are awful. At least the links below should take you straight to the online check-in page although with some airlines you have to hunt around the page for the link. Just look for online/web check-in.  Note. In every case you will be asked for the airline reference which we will have provided you.  On our email eticket receipt this is not the trip locator shown at the top of the itinerary, it is the airline reference shown for the appropriate sector.

 Good Luck, and have a good journey

IATA Airlines Conditions of carriage         Airline Passenger Rights   BA luggage advice

On-line check-in is also possible at some car hire locations.  You will still need to present a valid  voucher, driving licence and credit card but you will be given a pre-completed rental agreement to sign thus avoiding the delay while that is completed.

Avoid the stress of getting to the airport on time.  Check in the night before at a nearby airport hotel 

Save 's by booking airport parking in advance

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