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Holiday to Northern Cyprus. 

Because of the sanctions North Cyprus is not considered as a holiday destination by most people and as a result Northern Cyprus is a non-commercialised,  and safe destination making it, in fact, a perfect destination for those who want a quiet unspoilt holiday destination. There is no reason not to travel to Northern Cyprus and with regular flights from 6 UK airports operating direct to Northern Cyprus (but with a stop in Turkey en route) it is easy to get to.

In Northern Cyprus visitors will find a friendly population that still  welcomes British visitors. Prices and payment is often quoted in British pounds, traffic drives on the left and Northern Cyprus has a lovely climate enabling you to enjoy the sandy beaches, historical sites, and mountains. Visitors to Northern Cyprus will also appreciate the inexpensive shops and restaurants in Kyrenia.

Northern Cyprus is a land still largely untouched by mass tourism, offers holidays with deserted beaches, clear warm sea, remote villages, mountains with breath-taking views and a wealth of impressive castles and monuments to fascinate anyone who enjoys history and architecture.

North Cyprus's main town is Kyrenia and Kyrenia  has a very attractive small harbour nestling in front of Kyrenia castle, an old Phoenician Fort, and with cafes and restaurants all around and shops behind.

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