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A Few Facts about North Cyprus


North Cyprus population: (2005) 220,000

Visa Requirements: None for British passengers

Tipping: In North Cyprus, as in UK, around 10% in restaurants and taxi drivers

Time: UK+2 hours

Electricity: 240 volts

Driving: In North Cyprus traffic drives on the left. A British driving licence is acceptable for 12 months

Language: Turkish, English is widely spoken

In North Cyprus banks: oen Mon-Fri 08.00-12.00 in summer and in winter 08.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00

Int'l telephone code: 0090392

North Cyprus Main attractions:
Kyrenia castle & Harbour
St Hilarion Castle, overlooking Kyrenia
Bellapais Monastry, 4 miles from Kyrenia
St Barnabas Monastry, icon & archaeology
Lala Mustafa Mosque, Famagusta
Othello Tower Famagusta
Buffavento Castle
Semiye Mosque, Nicosia
Soli ruins, Vouni Palace
Golden beach of Karpaz


Will I be able to enter North Cyprus if I have visited South Cyprus

A Yes, having an endorsement in your passport from the Southern (Greek) Cyprus or Greece mainland will not affect your entry into North Cyprus

How will my future travel be affected if my passport is stamped in North Cyprus

A If you would prefer not to have your passport stamped in North Cyprus, you may request a separate entry form from immigration officials at Ercan Airport. This is stamped instead of your passport and can be discarded on exiting North Cyprus.

What is the Northern Cyprus Airport Name

A Ercan is the passenger airport in North Cyprus

Where is Ercan Airport North Cyprus

A Ercan Airport is situated on  the main road between Nicosia and Famagusta  and about 30 minutes from Kyrenia


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